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  1. j.q.m says:

    Hi.Sarafin i found your story funny and compelling since i live with psychosis myself,pardon my english but my mother tongue is french and a bit of spanish, your caricatures make this mental illness more understandable to the regular Dick and Joe , i have psychosis for the last 15 years as usual my psy tells me i have to learn how to live with it. I am a contributor in a site under construction with the purpose of dismistify the people with psychosis to live in this society w/o prejudice where the pneurotipical can look at us w/o fear or like crazy, please contact me if you have interest , it is for a good cause we are not asking the goverment or any company to sponsor or grant for us we are private, thanks for your attention, keep up you great workand whether you want to contribute with your work or not i will continue to be your fan, merci beaucoup, Jeanethe

    • sarafin says:

      Hey there – what is your website’s URL? Thanks for your feedback! Always nice to receive comments like this – sorry it took so long for me to reply on here!


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