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  1. sarafin says:

    Note to German speaking readers: Cath Schneider is a half German character… her dad is German, her mom is Italian. Sometimes Cath drops a few lines of German, because of her whole cabaret/burlesque/dominatrix schtick. Anyway, my German sucks… I know that saying “Auf Wiedersehen” would be incorrect for a scene like this, because she has no plans on seeing this creature ever again… but how is “abschied” for saying farewell, in this case? If my German is so bad here it sticks out like a sore thumb, please correct me so I can fix the comic. Otherwise, please just let me know that this works! 😉


  2. Markus says:

    Actually “It’s time to say ‘Auf Wiedersehen’!” would be quite allright, “Abschied” describes the process of exchanging phrases on the occasion, while “Auf Wiedersehen” is one of some possible phrases, most times the actual intention doesn’t really matter, when using the phrase.

    If you would like to put a strong emphasis on the intention not to see this creature again, you could replace it with “Auf Nimmerwiedersehen” which implies this intention and is widely recognised among German speakers.

    Still enjoy reading, great art!

    • sarafin says:

      Thanks for the info – will correct this very soon! 🙂


    • sarafin says:


      I took a little bit of German many years ago, but dropped out when we got to the genders – sooo confusing for me! xD I also tried Japanese in high school, but the Kanji characters were too complex for me to remember. Learning other languages is not my forte.


  3. Markus says:

    I guess German in general is not the easiest language to learn, not even for German speaking people maybe…

    Fits nicely, I’d say, thanks for thinking about this

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