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  1. Lisa Gray Avatar
    Lisa Gray

    I adore this site <3 it has helped me with some mental awareness issues and is great to show a side of self conflict that people dont usually talk about… Thank you soo much <3

    1. sarafin Avatar

      Thanks – glad you’re enjoying it! 🙂


  2. sarafin Avatar

    Sorry about being slow to update again – but it’s for very good reasons! I am working on an Asylum Squad RPG called ‘Asylum Squad: Code White’. Decided to break from the comic just for a little while to get my game going. Of course, a good RPG takes a LOOOOONG time to make, so I will be on and off at work on it, for the next I don’t know how long. More to come on this!


  3. Candice Avatar

    Hello Sarafin,

    I am looking to commission you to do a piece of artwork for me. Or maybe even a comic. I was wondering if you would consider doing that and how much it would cost.

    Would you kindly contact me to discuss?

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