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  1. TomHCinMI says:

    Speaking of “Mad Pride”:

    Anyone besides me upset about the movie “Split”? (I admit I’ve only seen trailers.)

    • sarafin says:

      I only know of it, all I heard is that it’s yet another film that demonizes people with DID, which is a tiresome trope at best, but also of course very harmful and dangerous. A friend with DID mentioned it. I have no interest in seeing it… besides, it’s an M. Night Shyamalan flick – how good can it possibly be?! (The show that consistently upsets me is Criminal Minds – I can’t think of one mad positive representation of people with mental health differences in that stupid program, that I’ve ever seen, anyway.)


      • TomHCinMI says:

        OTOH “Law & Order: CI” does OK, I think. At least, it does OK by Bobby Goren, a man whose mother and brother have neurological problems, and who thinks people with such disorders nevertheless make excellent witnesses.

      • Simone says:

        Hey, just seen the comments…
        There is a book, that describes a woman’s life with DID. It’s in German, not sure if it’s translated. The title is “Vater unser in der Hölle”, literally means: “Our Father [who art] in Hell”. Author: Ulla Fröhling.
        To keep it short: a girl grew up in an abusive family who was taken to satanic rituals.

        To me it was very shocking and upsetting, but interesting nonetheless. So, other to the popular opinion ‘every person with DID is dangerous’; in this book the woman tries to live a normal life, it’s only one or two of her other personalities that, when triggered, do what they were once programmed/forced to do.
        Many people say DID doesn’t exist, but to me it’s very true. The human psyche is highly complex, so when it faces traumatizing situations – that go and on – splitting is the only way to survive it.

        I really understand your rejection towards movies/shows like that, even though my own experience is based on that one book.

        Have a nice day^^

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