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  1. sarafin Avatar

    Whew! Sorry for the delay!

    Also – check out this podcast interview I did for Aaron Broverman’s Speech Bubble:

    My best yet, I’d say! Enjoy!


  2. sarafin Avatar

    To all those who are wondering why there have been no further updates in a while:

    My father is dying of cancer. It’s pretty much ruined any hope of me wanting to work on art for a while, it would seem. I am not abandoning Asylum Squad, but it’s on a hiatus for now. Sorry, guys. Family and self care first.


    1. Mad Man Avatar
      Mad Man

      I’m sorry to hear that man stay strong, I can’t imagine what your going through right now.

      1. sarafin Avatar

        My dad passed away on the 22nd of August. It was a harsh buildup, but the final moments were peaceful for him. We all miss him very much – he was a great man. As you can imagine, I am in not much of a mood to create right now. Can’t predict when the urge to draw will come back, but I am not abandoning this comic. Grieving can take a while, as everyone knows. Sorry this summer has sucked for updates.


  3. soda Avatar

    I hope you update again soon — I really enjoy your work!

  4. thomas Avatar

    I love ur story sorry about ur father. how long were u committed for ? I am so glad u r out and able to write ur story.

  5. coral Avatar

    i am so sorry for your loss. know your comic uplifts people whether or not it’s on a schedule.

    1. sarafin Avatar

      Thanks for your kind words. I have managed to get to work on a painting of my Dad, but I still can’t get into comic mode these days. So it’s on a hiatus, as I have mentioned before. I really have no idea how long this will last – something needs to click in my mind for me to pick up the pens again. 🙁


  6. coral Avatar

    hi… same coral as before. after rereading a few times (i can’t wait until you’re selling copies again, i signed up for updates on your etsy) i was wondering, as a someone with probably properly diagnosed schizoaffective disorder, how you see patients like me? is that an okay question? please be gentle

    i hope your painting is bringing you comfort, thank you again for your comic, sorry for how wordy this is

    1. sarafin Avatar

      Hello there!

      My Etsy store is closed – I sold zero copies of it on there, have had better luck in stores, at conventions, and through private PayPal sales online, so it did not make sense to keep it up – sorry! You would have possibly been my first customer! 😉

      I have my distinct perspectives on my own situation as far as mental health goes – I know that the reason I have in the past heard voices and had unusual experiences was not due to a disorder of the brain, and I have finally found the care team I needed to acknowledge that fact, and have since improved by leaps and bounds, probably in part because of it. It’s not to suggest that I don’t believe these experiences can’t exist as symptoms of a disorder, and I certainly do not look down on those who choose to adopt these labels to describe their conditions. I just am tired of conventional psychiatry’s tendency to view all unusual phenomena as “proof” of disease, in my case it proved not to be true. It’s also the patronizing way that I’ve been treated, the heavy handedness, the hopelessness. Once a diagnosis of this kind goes on one’s medical chart, there is a tendency, from certain doctors, not to take a patient as seriously, even when it comes to cases of having physical diseases. There’s a whole lot of crap that goes with it! So if you’re wondering, no – I do not judge or make assumptions about people because of things like this. I just have a major beef with the system itself that decided things about my brain without any proof in doing so whatsoever.

      Hope that answered your question!


      1. coral Avatar

        it totally did answer it, thank you so much for explaining it to me! 🙂 having a sz diagnosis is definitely a Really Bad Thing when it comes to being treated like, you know, a human being with agency and rights. i’ve had this diagnosis forever and totally understand where you’re coming from re: abusive medical establishment. i’m sorry you were misdiagnosed and treated that way. it’s disgusting how much control doctors want over our life because of how we experience it

        wrapping back around, is there anywhere i could purchase the comics from you? i do have paypal! sorry for being a pest, the comics just resonate with me so much

      2. Squeaks Avatar

        I’d just like to say how much I enjoyed reading this and the themes and ideas that you’re working with. It’s relatable in strange and enjoyable ways, even though I have never been in the system.

        I’m very sorry to hear the news about your father, I hope you are doing as well as you can be right now. I’d be interested in supporting this work, do you have a Patreon or something of that sort?

        1. sarafin Avatar

          I do not yet have a Patreon, but am considering it for the future. Thanks for your message! 🙂


  7. TomHCinMI Avatar

    Sarafin — I am very sorry for your loss. Also, I empathize with your mental-health issues. I have my own, which are not the same as yours, but certain problems seem to be (unnecessarily) added to all of them.
    I found inspiration and comfort, believe it or not, in your comic.
    Should I tell Belfry Webcomics Index that Asylum Squad is on hiatus?
    (Right now it’s “sporadic”, meaning “updated less often than once every 2 months”.)
    They don’t like saying it’s on hiatus unless the creator says so.
    From reading the comments here, I gather it’s not abandoned nor concluded?
    — TomHCinMI

    1. sarafin Avatar

      Hey there,

      Yes, a hiatus is officially in effect, because of the less than stellar circumstances at my end taking their toll on my creative drive. I just posted a hiatus comic, which explains a bit more. Have been in more of a painting mood than anything else. Took an inking course, so when I finally return to comics, I will have new inking skills with which to incorporate. Didn’t think grieving would affect me the way it did – not really so much as teary eyed as much as in a constant state of “well, what now then?”, and reflection. You may tell Belfry if you wish, however the hiatus could be lifted at any time – all depends on when the muse returns!


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