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  1. sarafin says:

    Whew! Sorry for the delay!

    Also – check out this podcast interview I did for Aaron Broverman’s Speech Bubble:

    My best yet, I’d say! Enjoy!


  2. sarafin says:

    To all those who are wondering why there have been no further updates in a while:

    My father is dying of cancer. It’s pretty much ruined any hope of me wanting to work on art for a while, it would seem. I am not abandoning Asylum Squad, but it’s on a hiatus for now. Sorry, guys. Family and self care first.


    • Mad Man says:

      I’m sorry to hear that man stay strong, I can’t imagine what your going through right now.

      • sarafin says:

        My dad passed away on the 22nd of August. It was a harsh buildup, but the final moments were peaceful for him. We all miss him very much – he was a great man. As you can imagine, I am in not much of a mood to create right now. Can’t predict when the urge to draw will come back, but I am not abandoning this comic. Grieving can take a while, as everyone knows. Sorry this summer has sucked for updates.


  3. soda says:

    I hope you update again soon — I really enjoy your work!

  4. thomas says:

    I love ur story sorry about ur father. how long were u committed for ? I am so glad u r out and able to write ur story.

  5. coral says:

    i am so sorry for your loss. know your comic uplifts people whether or not it’s on a schedule.

    • sarafin says:

      Thanks for your kind words. I have managed to get to work on a painting of my Dad, but I still can’t get into comic mode these days. So it’s on a hiatus, as I have mentioned before. I really have no idea how long this will last – something needs to click in my mind for me to pick up the pens again. :(


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