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  1. sarafin says:

    But wait – that’s not all!

    There’s still a few more pages left in the story… expect one more major upload with several at once, for I don’t want spoilers to come as people may figure things out if it unfolds slowly with updates… so one big update it is! Hopefully this will all be done by the end of August!


  2. TomHCinMI says:

    Aren’t you glad you live in Canada ????????, where no President blames mental illness for people committing mass murder just like he repeatedly tells them to?

    • sarafin says:

      Yes, I like Canada, but it’s bad for mental health as well – also, the premier of Ontario, the province where I live, is a stupid, boorish man who calls mentally ill people “animals”. It’s bad virtually everywhere, though – I hear Norway, I think it is, has more progressive treatments for psychosis, some are med free. Glad I’m going to be out of psychiatry.


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