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  1. Wha? Whuh?? But that doesn’t make… Gah! Damnit, Thora!!!

  2. Jon says:

    I feelings on this are convoluted, but in all the nurse was very wrong!

    A cross is just a piece of metal, but the fact that she associated it with Jesus Christ, that is what was important. But He can still work even when there is no cross, she needs to realize that; the nurse should have told her that, but rather the nurse made Liz feel cut off from Jesus Christ. The nurse’s reasoning was messed up, Jesus is compassionate on even those who “disrespects” Him.

    In the long run, Liz should not focus on the object (the cross) but on the Person otherwise the object will become an idol. In the short run she should have been allowed to keep it, or even better someone should have prayed with her.

    I know this is fictional, but this is what I would say if this happened in real life, this is what I would comment.

  3. Miikkael says:

    I understand the nurse. Really do. You have to see it from her point of view. Occultism was just very disrespectful.

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