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  1. sarafin Avatar

    Hey everyone! If you’re going to be in the Toronto area on Wednesday, June 17th, check out my book launch for Asylum Squad: The Jung Ones vol. 1! It will be held at The Central – that’s at 603 Markham St, right beside the Beguiling bookstore (and behind Honest Ed’s). The launch begins at 6 PM and runs until 9 PM. Copies of The Jung Ones will be on sale for $15.00 (cash only), and I will also be selling copies of Asylum Squad: (The Complete!) Monster Hospital for $22.00 – that’s two books in one at a $30.00 value! Hope to see some new faces!


    1. the Madhat Kat Avatar

      When I get off my butt and onto the con circuits again to perform, I’m going to cross paths with you…I will make it sooo…!! XD

  2. sarafin Avatar

    PS: I am tabling this year at Anime North! (May 22nd-24th) Look for me in the Dealer’s Room, at table N5. I will be dressed as a nurse for at least one day, probably in lolita for the other two, or at least on the second day. I will be selling copies of back issues, the new compilation book (Asylum Squad: The Complete Monster Hospital), and early bird copies of Asylum Squad: The Jung Ones. If you are jonesing for a copy of Asylum Squad Side Story: The Psychosis Diaries, I am afraid it is virtually out of print, for now. I will also have a couple of t-shirts to sell, and will be doing commissions. 🙂


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