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  1. sarafin Avatar

    Happy 400th – just in time for Mad Pride 2015!


  2. Agarax Avatar

    She’d better hope Armananstantanu’s internal anatomy isn’t like that of a horse. You can’t choke a horse by stuffing something in its mouth because it only breathes through its nostrils. You could poison one that way, though, since a horse can’t regurgitate anything that reaches the first stomach.

    But this is her dream/delusion, so if she doesn’t know it, neither does her enemy.

    1. sarafin Avatar

      Did not know that – fun fact!

      Well, this is a demon’s anatomy with a horse’s head – a leviathan horse headed demon thingie. So it’s safe to assume the anatomy would be different somehow! Plus, yep, it’s in a dream state, so that helps!


  3. sarafin Avatar

    PSST – if anyone who reads the comic is reading this, you may be wondering what is happening at my end, why there have not been many updates as of late. Well, from time to time this happens with me – I need to take a break from my art to do “soul work” and contemplation, both for my own good and for my art itself. (The fact that it’s summer makes me want to get outside and enjoy myself more, as well.) Lately, this break from my art has been longer than usual. I just wanted to post this message so that people who were curious or worried, or perhaps even pissed, knew what’s happening. (Writing about mental health topics, it’s usually a case of people being more concerned about my well being than angry at me for lack of updates, and for that I am blessed.) So, I am not going through a depression – far from it. I am in good spirits, but the spirit takes precedence right now. Two new pages to come once I’m feeling a bit more creative.


    1. Pierre Avatar

      thanks for the update and I am glad you are good.

      I have been reading this for over a year and the updated are pretty regular. Everyone else out there gets break, you deserve one too.

  4. bacchante Avatar

    Long time reader, first time commenter! I absolutely love this comic (and I’m finally caught up. whew!) As someone who has begun to develop psychotic symptoms over the past six months or so, I really appreciate this. It’s a lovely take on the whole system. Thank you!

    1. sarafin Avatar

      Thank you for your comment! Very happy to hear you are enjoying it thus far! Psychosis is hard to live with, but sometimes the attitudes you have to deal with in and outside the system can be just as hard… harder, even. Sorry about the delays as of late!


  5. Emma Avatar

    I’ve only recently stumbled across your work, and I’ve read from the very beginning of the psychosis diaries to here.

    I’m going through a mental health crisis at the moment, and having this to read has eased my anxiety significantly, and made the preparations for being (voluntarily) hospitalised a far less stressful experience than I’ve found it to be in the past.

    1. sarafin Avatar

      Wow – glad this comic has helped with your anxiety! It can be a lonely place, being hospitalized for mental health reasons. Working on Psychosis Diaries was what got me through the year I spent in one facility – I’m glad to hear it has helped others out as well. 🙂
      Also – I am sorry to hear you are going through a crisis right now… I hope all is well for you very soon.


  6. Daniel Hicks Avatar
    Daniel Hicks

    This would make a teriffic animated feature!

    Love it so far.

    1. sarafin Avatar

      That’s the dream! Oh, to see it happen!


      1. Daniel Hicks Avatar
        Daniel Hicks

        Yes indeed!

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