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  1. Theo Avatar

    Hi, I just saw your art on deviantart and I immediately got hooked! I read the entire series in one day! I have some depressive tendencies, but I never knew what it was like for people who go through more other types mental issues. Thanks for fighting to break the stigma about schizophrenia and other mental illnesses – you rock <3

    1. sarafin Avatar

      Thanks for your comment! Though I do not officially have schizophrenia, I have been misdiagnosed with it by some poorly trained psychiatrists, so I at least understand some of the stigma, at least when it comes to being labelled. (The disclaimer on my “About” section explains more – I have been a voice hearer and a seer of visions, for example.) The comic is more about the problems with the mental health system (something I am very familiar with) than with illnesses per se, but any help it can generate in alleviating the pain that those who have “been there” go through is an added plus.


      1. Anonymous Avatar

        I’d say it is breaking the mental illness stigma. After all, it gives media with sympathetic characters who are mentally ill. Especially with “scary” mental illnesses like schizophrenia, you don’t often get any portrayal besides a monstrous one.

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