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  1. sarafin says:

    Hey – I just realized I probably haven’t posted my Deviantart on here before… so here it is! I know many of you have found the comic through my Deviantart, but for those who found out about it elsewhere, here are some of my other bodies of work. Enjoy!


  2. sarafin says:


    As some of you may have known, I had a blog for a good while, but I got sick of bitching and moaning about mental health stuff, and got rid of it. (There are enough blogs out there like that.) But I kind of miss blogging, so I may start up a new one sometime in the near future, which will focus on spirituality and art. I feel I am more about that than “madness” now, so I want that to be my new point of focus. This will steer clear of “crystal chick” shit as much as possible – I recently opened up to Akasha and have interesting experiences with premonitions and tarot now, so I may discuss that, post paintings, and so on. I will follow up with a link to the blog once it has been created. (I am trying to make sense of my spiritual path right now – I would say it’s kind of like a Bhakti yoga/”folk Catholicism” hybrid… it will make sense later when I discuss things. I still have growing and realization to go through as well.)


  3. sarafin says:

    Hooray – I went ahead and made the new blog this morning! Check it out, only two posts for now:

    The Wayward Nun


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