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  1. sarafin says:

    Here’s an article about the ending of this comic, what it means, and feelings I have about the series, now that I have completed it:

    Reflections of Asylum Squad…


  2. Markus says:

    Dear Saraƒin,

    it’s been an while, more or less five years exactly…I have no idea, if you remember either my German-speaking Occupational Therapy-related website or that you have given me an interview via email once (which I published then, as part of an article about Asylum Squad), but I just wanted to let you know, that I followed Asylum Squad ever since and I’ve updated the respective article today.

    You can find it on and run it through google-Translate (in a few days, google ist still pulling the old site, might be a cache-issue) if you’re interested.

    I still use AS in my psychiatry-related lectures every year and I was happy to see you finishing it, thank you very much for the interesting journey.

    And: please give me a heads-up if you ever publish it as a book, I’d be very happy to buy it for our library.


    • sarafin says:

      Hey there!

      Finally approved this comment – sorry about the delay! The book is something I really need to get on and complete the process of putting together and getting to my printers… delays are inexcusable, except that I have been focusing so heavily on other areas of my life that art has taken a backseat. Not much is left to do but colour the cover and draw one last page as an insert, then I just need the funds and my printers will do the rest. I think late spring would be the earliest this book sees the light with a launch. I will post further info once things move forward.

      Cheers from Canada!


  3. sarafin says:

    Hey everyone –

    Not sure who’s checking this page for updates these days, but as mentioned elsewhere, “Asylum Squad: In Solidarity” is now available in print for purchase. You can order yours from Caversham Booksellers (a psychology bookstore in Toronto) at: … other stores will carry it in time, but for now feel free to place an order with them!


  4. sarafin says:

    Check out my new project as psychic channel Teresa Powers on my new YouTube, where I explore spirituality through channeled readings – that’s right, I’m a psychic now! 🙂


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