Liz Madder


Liz Madder is the protagonist of the series, and acts as the primary narrator. Of Celtic heritage, she is a college dropout who once lived with her parents – now she resides in St Dymphna’s Psychiatric hospital, until adequate housing can come up, and the Ajna Project ends. A shapeshifting horse head demon began haunting her whenever she tried to withdraw from tranquilizer medication as a younger woman. Though psychiatrists have attempted to convince her that the demon is a product of faulty brain chemistry, she nevertheless has had a history with the occult, and keeps going back to the belief that it is a real spirit. The horse demon calls itself “Armananstantanu”, and seems to like playing tricks on her. Liz is known for being spunky and intelligent, but also somewhat selfish and classist in her attitudes… at least, that is how she was when our story began. Liz’s Hero Persona in the Ajna Project is Lobotomy: an icepick wielding kick boxer in white spandex.

Henry Chan


Henry Chan is a well meaning yet woefully ignorant cross-dresser of Chinese descent, convinced on and off that he is the Jewish Messiah. Once believing to be guided by Yahweh, and telepathically linked to celebrities all over the world, Henry’s “mission” is to bring peace on Earth through love and entertainment as “The Media Messiah”. Henry is also in a troubled relationship with Set, the Egyptian god of chaos and storms. Clueless about what he boasts about, he is the comic relief of the series. The joke is ultimately on him, so don’t take his delusions too seriously. Henry’s Hero Persona in the Ajna Project is Sedative: a magical boy, equipped with a giant battle syringe, who knows karate.

Cath Schneider


Cath Schneider is an aspiring artist and burlesque dancer. She is half German, half Italian. One night, she had a dream with aliens in it, then woke to find that they were still “speaking” to her. Thinking that her contact with these aliens (known as the Abdugalah) is a divine gift from God, she prepared a series of paintings for an art show, as she gathered more supposedly hidden information about the solar system. Cath also works on and off as a professional B.D.S.M. switch in order to make ends meet when money is tight. She is misunderstood by many in the B.D.S.M. and goth community, who think she’s a trampy drug addict, when in fact she’s a very creative artist living with a particularly difficult set of challenges. Cath has a heart of gold, but can be impulsive. Her Hero Persona in the Ajna Project is Strait-Jacket: a bondage clad heroine with aikido moves and a extendable sleeve on her jacket that can be used as a whip.

Sarah Loveheart


Sarah Loveheart is a brooding tomboy of British ancestry who, despite being asexual, has been living with (and fighting) an obsession with a man from her past for many years. So obsessed and deep in paranoia, she developed a delusion of a miniature version of him living in a nearby Christmas Cactus. Her condition is perhaps the strangest of the four characters. Sarah’s real last name is Lockhart, not Loveheart, the latter being a pet surname from childhood. Her Hero Persona in the Ajna Project is Electroshock: a mantis style kung fu fighting, battery backpack wearing battle maiden with plug boots. Though moody and a little bit scruffy due to her time on the streets, like Cath she is also quite a gifted artist.

The Saraƒin


The Saraƒin appears in order to narrate and/or move the story forward whenever Liz Madder cannot. Whereas Sarah Loveheart is based loosely on the author’s past experiences and former personality, the Saraƒin is the author at present, emceeing when necessary.

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