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  1. Rosie Borley says:

    Good Afternoon,
    I have your Asylum Squad, “The Jung ones” in my library (Mental Health Education Resource Centre), and I have a wonderful young human here that absolutely loves your graphic novels. He asked if I could bring all of them in, but I am having a really hard time finding the second one to this and the 2 monster hospital novels. Do you still currently sell these or can you lead me in the right direction to where I might find them?

    Thank you,

    • sarafin says:

      Hello Rosie,

      (To preserve the privacy of your contact info, I edited your post. I thought it was a good idea.)

      I have the collected “Monster Hospital” books in a single volume for sale, as well as some extra copies of “The Jung Ones 2”. I can contact you about how to set up a PayPal transfer for them so I can ship them, but you can also order them through Caversham Booksellers in Toronto.

      Glad this individual likes them so much! <3


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