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  1. Mister Bluskies says:

    Initially I thought that the offering of a large sum of money in a psychological clinical trial, as the Anja Project from your comic does, would create a very large selection bias in the sample of recruited volunteers. However, I guess it is fairly safe to assume that almost anybody would be enticed into the project by the large potential pay-off had they been made aware of the trial. Volunteers who participate in clinical trials are ultimately undertaking a philanthropic pursuit, many see it as an opportunity for a potential cure, and do not realize that what they are participating in as a whole is centered on the development of new medical interventions meant to benefit them as well as others in similar conditions, or vice-versa medical knowledge telling us what should definitely not be done (if the trial results in poor outcomes for participants, as the Anja project did.)

    I love how thought-provoking and deep the questions that your comic raises are. Thankyou for your continued writing! 🙂

    • Mister Bluskies says:

      Sorry about this, but I seem to have mistakenly called “The Ajna Project” the “Anja” project in my original post. Sorry about the error. Thanks

  2. sarafin says:

    Sorry about the delays as of late – I want to get the ending of this series done right, and am doing some contemplation on the wording to come. I know the general idea of how to present it, I’m in the process of fine tuning things now. It will be completed, but it must be done right.


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